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RokSprocket2 with new Simple Provider

RokSprocket 2 is a major release of RokSprocket for Joomla and WordPress that extends our powerful RokSprocket module to include a new ‘simple’ content provider. This allows for on-the-fly creation of content directly within the RokSprocket module without the need of existing articles from one of the available content providers.

Essentially, you can create a powerful interactive showcase on the fly that enhances your visitor's experience on your site and directs them to specific links and information you would have to create an article in support of otherwise.

The first thing you'll notice upon installing RokSprocket 2 is the addition of the Simple content provider. It's through this additional content provider that you are able to break free from your CMS and create a module that contains content that exists exclusively within RokSprocket.

When using ‘Simple’ as the content provider, you can set ordering to random and/or manual. Since items are not pulled from an existing source, you can arrange them to meet your individual preferences with the option to allow visitors to activate random sorting. This is done to give you maximum control over how content is presented so the module appears the way you want it to every time a visitor loads the page.

Individual line items can be deleted by selecting the round X icon to the right of the item's title. To prevent accidental permanent deletion, we've implemented a verification click that is both simple to execute and difficult to accidentally activate.

Don't want to use the new features? RokSprocket 2 continues to work in exactly the same way as earlier versions for all other content providers. For Joomla those include Joomla Articles, K2, ZOO, ContentBuilder, EasyBlog, Seblod, FieldsAttach; and WordPress support includes CFS, CPT, Types, PostTypes, and of course WordPress posts.

This major update to RokSprocket is in response to recommendations made by our community. We will continue to develop and improve RokSprocket, as well as all of our products, in order to continue to provide the very best service to our customers. If you have any thoughts or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

Download: RokSprocket for Joomla Download: RokSprocket for WordPress