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RocketTheme Releases its First Gantry 5 Joomla Template


RocketTheme is proud to announce the release of Callisto, its first Joomla template made with Gantry 5, the all-new version of Gantry built from the ground-up for the modern Web.

Callisto is the first of a new generation of RocketTheme templates and themes that takes full advantage of Gantry 5. Sporting a powerful Menu Editor for advanced menu customizations (including module and particle injection), a drag-and-drop simple Layout Manager which makes it easy to change the layout of your site, an incredibly intuitive new user interface, and more.

Callisto itself is an elegant design that can easily fit the needs of a wide variety of site types from corporate to personal. Because it is so easily customized, you can dramatically change its appearance without ever having to edit a single line of code.

The Gantry 5 Layout manager benefits from a drag-and-drop interface, providing an easy mechanism for configuring positions and particles. Furthermore, there are now no restrictions to the number of positions you can have. It is truly unlimited.

This is just as true if you're accessing the administrator from your desktop or a tablet. Every area of the Gantry administrator has been optimized for a traditional mouse, trackpad, or even a modern touchscreen such as those found on tablets, many laptops, and some all-in-one PCs.

Callisto's pre-built presets are displayed in the Styles tab for you to preview, individually customize and apply. You'll also find an assortment of individual style options, such as text and background colors for the various sections, allowing for easy color changes.

A responsive layout adapts to the viewing device's width, such as mobile, tablet or desktop. Mobile modes have a unique menu to aid usability. Support classes can also be used to display or hide various types of content for each device.

What Do I Need to Know?

Because Gantry 5 is so very different from any version of Gantry before it, there will be a slight learning curve if you are accustomed to using Gantry 4. We are proud of how intuitive and simple the interface is, but if you need any help at all, we've got you covered.

First, we have documentation available for both the Callisto template and for the Gantry 5 framework. This documentation will help you to hit the ground running with your project, including detailed guides for installation, updating, and using Gantry 5's brand new administrator.

Next, we have a live chat available for Gantry 5 support. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Gantry 5, you can connect with members of the Gantry development team as well as members of the growing Gantry user community on Gitter.

For any Callisto-related issues, or specific questions related to your project, our member forum and our experienced team of moderators are here as always to help.

For more information about Gantry 5, please check out these other blog posts from our ongoing series:

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