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Ethereal Template for Joomla Released


Ethereal is our latest Joomla template, powered by the incredibly flexible Gantry 5 framework. It is designed to be an excellent fit for a wide range of websites from personal to corporate.

Built on Gantry 5

We released Ethereal in parallel with Gantry 5 RC3. This enables us to take advantage of the massive update to Gantry 5 which was inspired by feedback we received from the community of beta testers and early adopters that embraced the platform when it first reached the release candidate stage. This update included hundreds of improvements and enhancements. You can find out more about Gantry 5 RC3 in the official Gantry project blog.

Gantry 5 is the most flexible and powerful theming framework in the industry today. Built for tomorrow's Internet, Gantry 5 is packed with features that take advantage of the latest Web technologies. Groundbreaking simplicity, drag-and-drop functionality, and breakthrough new color, icon, and font pickers give users the ability to quickly assemble and customize their site with no programming experience required.

More Options Than Ever


When we made the demo for Ethereal, we decided to create two versions of the front page. The first takes advantage of Gantry 5's particles system, allowing users to create simple, elegant visual elements for their page that displays content and information with ease. Because Gantry's particles system is so powerful, we were able to create it without using additional extensions.

Because RokSprocket is very popular, we decided to create a second version of the front page where these interactive sliders and content displays would be handled using it. This means that through our RocketLauncher, you can hit the ground running with Ethereal using the method that you feel most comfortable with.


The back end of Gantry 5 is also exceedingly easy to use. Options for just about everything related to your theme can be accessed with ease. Want to change the background color for a section? Just give the field a click and either enter the color code of your choice or pick a new one using Gantry 5's Color Picker.

One Theme; Infinite Possibilities


Like any RocketTheme template, Ethereal's design is intended to be used on a wide range of sites. This responsive design complements the modern, contemporary look sought after for use in corporate sites, product presentations, and personal portfolios very well.

You can see examples of these site types in our demo, just navigate through the Pages area of the menu and take a look at some of the sample pages we have created to demonstrate how Ethereal can fill a variety of roles with ease.

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