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Five Awesome Lorem Ipsum Alternatives

Lorem Ipsum is used extensively by Web developers to demonstrate site designs for clients, but what if there were some alternative generators out there that can add a little personality to an otherwise random block of text?

We use Lorem Ipsum a lot here in our product demos, and have found it to be an invaluable tool for creating rich, beautiful demo sites in a short amount of time. You can spend hours writing out plausible demo content, or you can utilize a random text generator to fill in these spaces in seconds. For us, this time is better spent creating the best possible combination of design and features.

When it comes to presenting a site to your client, every detail counts. If you replace some of this random content with text that has a bit of personality, it could make a big difference in how your demo is perceived.

In this article, we will look at five awesome Lorem Ipsum alternatives you can start using, for free, today.

Bacon Ipsum

Bacon Ipsum

Bacon Ipsum creates excellent, random paragraphs of text that are entirely made up of either meat, or meat and filler names. Everything is better with bacon, and this Lorem Ipsum alternative was created to prove just that.

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet ground round pastrami rump, t-bone pork belly tenderloin frankfurter salami landjaeger tail shoulder. Tongue pork loin bresaola brisket, sausage spare ribs drumstick pig. Tongue biltong turducken, hamburger boudin pork belly jerky t-bone chuck flank pork chop. Landjaeger meatball porchetta, pork belly flank meatloaf ball tip tenderloin prosciutto chuck. Tail short ribs hamburger flank bacon, ham swine tongue turkey ground round drumstick beef jowl landjaeger.

As long as your client isn't a vegetarian, it is sure to be a big hit at the unveiling.

Cupcake Ipsum

Cupcake Ipsum

For folks that have a sweet tooth, there is Cupcake Ipsum. Designed to produce gorgeous paragraphs filled with the names of virtually any sweet treat you could imagine, this ipsum has everything you need to make a lasting (and tasty) impression.

Danish jelly-o croissant. Dragée fruitcake sweet roll. Fruitcake sweet roll chupa chups jelly beans pudding apple pie ice cream jelly-o. Ice cream caramels jelly ice cream pie sugar plum biscuit chocolate cake. Dragée biscuit icing cheesecake chocolate cake gummies. Sweet chocolate bar cake powder. Cotton candy carrot cake tiramisu jujubes tiramisu oat cake.

You can optionally give your paragraphs "some love" which adds the phrase "I love" in the mix.

Zombie Ipsum

Zombie Ipsum

Zombies make a frightful and fun filler for any site. Drawing from a vocabularity of zombie-inspired words, Zombie Ipsum is sure to be a big hit with anyone that has a zombie readiness plan at the ready for the inevitable undead uprising.

Zombie ipsum reversus ab viral inferno, nam rick grimes malum cerebro. De carne lumbering animata corpora quaeritis. Summus brains sit​​, morbo vel maleficia? De apocalypsi gorger omero undead survivor dictum mauris. Hi mindless mortuis soulless creaturas, imo evil stalking monstra adventus resi dentevil vultus comedat cerebella viventium. Qui animated corpse, cricket bat max brucks terribilem incessu zomby.

As an option, you can add 50% more occurrences of Brains in the mix. What horror fan wouldn't enjoy this?



Classic novels are an incredible resource of content. What better way to fill those white spaces than by using a Lorem Ipsum alternative that draws from passages of classic literature like Moby Dick and The Wizard of Oz? Fillerati does just this.

"Don't you dare to bite Toto! You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big beast like you, to bite a poor little dog!" "I didn't bite him," said the Lion, as he rubbed his nose with his paw where Dorothy had hit it. "No, but you tried to," she retorted. "You are nothing but a big coward." "I know it," said the Lion, hanging his head in shame.

You can use this tool to draw from specific sources, organized by author and title. Best of all, the content won't be complete nonsense. It will actually be a legible passage.

Corporate Ipsum

Corporate Ipsum

Corporations love buzz words. They respond very well to terms like ROI and talk of maximizing timely deliverables. Corporate Ipsum generates random, somewhat legible, paragraphs of corporate jargon that is sure to impress even the most skeptical executive.

Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits. Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI. Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value.

This ipsum is a great fit for professional sites, but don't be surprised if someone asks you to explain what these paragraphs actually mean.

If all else fails, you can always just generate filler text using the classic Lorem Ipsum format.

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