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IFTTT Recipes for WordPress Users


IFTTT ("If This Then That") is an incredibly versatile Online service that enables you to automate a number of otherwise time-consuming parts of your day. Many of these simple automations can be very beneficial to a WordPress user.

You can IFTTT to email yourself Instagram photos every time a photo is snapped from a specific location, text you when the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports a zombie outbreak.

With all these fun recipes, there are a few that stand out as quite useful for a WordPress user. In this article, we will take a look at a handful of IFTTT recipes that can make life easier for someone that uses WordPress as their platform of choice.

Post New SoundCloud Files to WordPress

IFTTT Recipe: Post new SoundCloud tracks to your Wordpress Blog connects soundcloud to wordpress

Do you have a SoundCloud channel? You can have IFTTT automatically set up a new post every time you put a new file there. It will grab the title from SoundCloud and use that as your title for the post. You can also add any other text as you see fit.

The body of the post is given an embedded SoundCloud player linked directly to your file. You can even set up categories and tags for these automated posts, keeping your manual upkeep to a minimum.

YouTube Favorites to WordPress

IFTTT Recipe: YouTube Favourite to Wordpress Post connects youtube to wordpress

Do you run a blog that features the best of YouTube? You can simplify this process by having IFTTT automatically post YouTube videos you mark as Favorite to your blog.

Like any IFTTT recipe, you can customize it to fit your specific needs.

WordPress to Google+, Twitter, and Facebook

IFTTT Recipe: WP to Google Plus connects wordpress to gmail

One of the problems facing users of Google+ is that there really isn't much of an API for content creators that need or desire to automate posts from other sites. IFTTT makes this possible by automatically emailing your secret Google+ Post by Email address any new post that appears on your WordPress site.

IFTTT Recipe: WP to Twitter connects wordpress to twitter

You can also set up IFTTT for Twitter and Facebook. For busy bloggers that have a few auxiliary accounts that they want to have updated, this is a massive time saver. You lose some of the personality and specific insight individually writing your own posts can give you, but you gain a lot in terms of time.

WordPress to Buffer

IFTTT Recipe: From wordpress to facebook fanpage connects wordpress to facebook-pages

If you prefer using a more social-specific platform to post your updates, but could still use the automation that IFTTT provides, you can even send these posts automatically to platforms like Buffer.

WordPress to PDF and Dropbox

IFTTT Recipe: Convert #wordpress blog posts into #pdf using #Printfriendly and store them in #Dropbox connects wordpress to dropbox

This one is kinda cool, albiet not totally useful for everyone. This recipe will take any new post on your WordPress blog and turn it into a print-friendly PDF before placing the file in your Dropbox account.

If you work for a newsroom that uses printouts for on-air reads, or if your office prefers printed materials, this could be a great solution for you.

Instagram to WordPress

IFTTT Recipe: Instagram photos tagged #blog to wordpress post connects instagram to wordpress

Instagram is quickly becoming a favorite platform among photo bloggers that want to take pictures of their adventures from their phones. You can set up your Instagram account to post directly to WordPress via IFTTT, but this particular recipe only posts photos that are tagged in a specific way.

There are thousands of recipes across over one hundred channels that you can create with IFTTT to make your life a little easier. If you haven't tried the service out yet, you might want to give it a try. You might be surprised at just how useful it can be.

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