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Five Perks to Being a RocketTheme User


Being a member of a RocketTheme club or buying a RocketTheme template does more than just give you access to support and product downloads, it also comes with many useful incentives that help you get the most out of your investment.

Whether you are a long-time member of one of our clubs, or a recent addition to our growing community of developers and innovators, we here at RocketTheme are dedicated to make your experience as good as possible.

We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities and methods to make sure that our users are getting the biggest bang for their buck, and the list of perks just keeps growing.

In this article, we will take a look a five of these features, and how they can help you get the best value from your purchase.

Special Offers and Exclusive Discounts

RocketTheme has an entire page of special offers and exclusive discounts our members can take advantage of. This page is available to anyone that has either a current Club membership or that has purchased a template or theme from us in the past.

You can find a number of deals here ranging from deep discounts on recommended hosting to exclusive offers on e-learning, SEO services and products, and powerful extensions that can take your site to the next level.

We are constantly updating this page with new deals, and are actively seeking out trusted services to make available to our users.


Documentation is an important part of RocketTheme's overall service, and when we launched our new site this year, we added hundreds of guides and tutorials to our site covering a wide range of subjects relating to our products and the platforms they run on.

Whether you need a quick guide to help you build a multilingual site on Joomla, recreate demo content on one of our WordPress themes, or a detailed list of hosting providers that we have tested and recommended, our documentation is likely to have useful answers for you.


RocketTheme has one of the largest and most active support forums out there. Our users can ask just about any question related to our products, various platforms, and even share your work with others and receive feedback from our large community of over 100,000 registered users.

Our forums are also moderated by our professional team of experienced developers and experts that can connect you with the information you need quickly, and accurately.

It is also a great place to meet and interact with other professionals in your industry, and make those connections that can result in great opportunities down the road.

Premier Support

Sometimes you need a little help getting things set up a certain way. Our Premier Support service can assist with configuration, setup, running, and minor tweaking of RocketTheme templates, themes, and extensions.

This one-on-one support is provided by the same members of our team that build the products we support, which means that your request will be handled by the very best.

Frequently Updated Products

We don't just build a template or extension and set it free. We actively support our products well beyond their initial release. Many of our templates and themes made 4+ years ago are still updated and maintained as new technologies become available.

This means your favorite template won't become obsolete just because the platform it was built on had an update. We stand by our products and strive to ensure that you are as satisfied with them today as you were when you first installed them.

There are many reasons why now is a great time to be a RocketTheme member. If you have any ideas or suggestions to help us make your experience even better, please contact us and let us know.

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