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Gantry 5: Joomla Beta Released


The highly anticipated Gantry 5 beta for Joomla is now available, and we have all the info you need to take part in testing the next-generation framework.

Gantry 5 is unlike any version of the Gantry Framework to date. It has been completely re-written from the ground up with the latest Web technologies. The result is a faster, infinitely more flexible framework built on the latest Web standards to meet the needs of tomorrow’s Internet, today.

Taking part in the beta is easy. Gantry 5 is open source and readily available to both download and contribute to via Github. Additionally, we have created documentation and a Gitter chatroom where you can go to discuss the beta with the developers, and other members of the community.

Important Information

The Gantry 5 beta is an early preview and is continuously in active development. Using the beta release for production sites is NOT recommended as this is an incomplete release, and any and all aspects are subject to change throughout the development process.

Throughout the beta, changes and additions will be frequently made, often changing the way certain features work. This could result in broken functionality and a required complete reinstall/reconfiguration of your testing site.

How to Download Gantry 5

Gantry 5 is a framework by which Gantry-powered themes are made. In order for a Gantry theme to work, you will need to install both the framework and the theme. Doing this is not difficult at all.

The first thing you need to do is download the latest build of Gantry 5 and Hydrogen. You can do so by clicking the buttons below, or via Github.

During the initial beta, the Framework and Template are being distributed in different installable packages. A bundled package is planned, but will likely be available after the initial beta launch. You can find out more about Gantry 5's installation process in our detailed installation guide.

How to Contribute

Contributing to the Gantry 5 framework, or to its associated documentation is easy. Development for both of these projects is being conducted via Github, where you can submit Issues to report any bugs or suggest improvements, as well as submit your own Pull Requests to submit your own fixes and additions.

We recommend chatting with the team via Gitter prior to submitting the pull request to avoid doubling up on a fix that is already pending or likely to be overwritten by an upcoming change.

How to Get Help

A chatroom has been set up using Gitter where you can go to talk about the project with developers, contributors, and other members of the community. This is the best place to go to get quick tips and discuss features with others.

Documentation is also available, and being continually added to as development progresses. Is something missing? You can contribute to the documentation through GitHub.

Thank you for taking part in the Gantry 5 beta for Joomla. We look forward to seeing what you will build with this new, powerful framework.

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