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Gantry 5: An Update for WordPress Club Members

Gantry 5

The RocketTheme team is hard at work behind the scenes to bring Gantry 5 to WordPress. We are dedicated to making Gantry 5 for WordPress the single most flexible and powerful framework out there.

As with any major development undertaking, there is a great deal of time and testing involved in making sure that this framework works seamlessly with WordPress from day one.

In addition to incorporating Gantry 5's current set of features available on Joomla, we are adding advanced content controls and other features that enable users to make their WordPress experience customized to meet their individual needs. This development takes time, and we want to make sure we aren't releasing something that isn't absolutely ready for production.

WordPress Club Memberships Are Being Extended

So, what does this mean for our WordPress club members? It means that we are delaying the release of our first Gantry 5 theme for WordPress to ensure that we deliver the best possible product for our customers, but it will not mean that you lose a month of your subscription.

We are extending all WordPress Club memberships by one month for active accounts that would have been active during our normal WordPress release schedule for this month. This means that if you have or had an active WordPress Club membership on June 15, 2015, you will see an additional month added to your subscription period.

Creating a Seamless Cross-platform Experience

One of the key features of Gantry 5 is its consistent user experience between platforms. It's our goal to create a seamless experience for developers and users, regardless of if they are working on Joomla, WordPress, or otherwise.

We are confident that Gantry 5 will be a gigantic leap forward for WordPress theming, and will share updates frequently as development continues. You can receive updates and follow our development progress at the official Gantry Dev Blog. We will also provide quick development updates via RocketTheme's Twitter account and Facebook page.

Using Gantry 5 and have a question? Reach out to Gantry's development team with any suggestions or questions about Gantry 5 on Gitter chat.

You can even follow development progress directly on GitHub.

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