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RocketTheme Website RSS Feeds Going Offline for Maintenance

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Over the next few days, the RocketTheme team will be performing maintenance on the RocketTheme website. The vast majority of the website's services will be unaffected, however RSS feeds, including the Product Updates feed, may be unavailable while we sort out an ongoing issue.

RocketTheme has been experiencing intermittent issues on its main website lately with page rendering. After some initial troubleshooting and with the help of our community, we believe that the issue is related to the extension we use to manage RSS feeds.

No other services or products are expected to be affected by this maintenance, and it is our hope that by taking this extension offline to review it further, any page rendering issues that our customers have been experiencing over the past week will be resolved.

As always, thank you for being a part of the RocketTheme community. We appreciate your patience in this matter and will update this post once maintenance has been completed.

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