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RocketTheme's 2016 Year in Review

A lot can be said about 2016. It has been a pretty crazy year for most of the world. A lot of interesting things have happened, and a lot of incredible ones, as well.

A 2,000-year-old Olympic record was broken, Simone Manuel became the first African-American woman to earn a gold medal in an individual Olympic swimming event, the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, and Leonardo DiCaprio finally received an OSCAR.

It has also been a great year for RocketTheme!

The New Grav Theme Club

Grav is an award-winning open source flat-file CMS created by members of the RocketTheme team. For a little over two years now, Grav has been growing by leaps and bounds. It received the People's Choice award for Best Open Source CMS this year from CMS Critic and has become a top choice for anyone looking to create a sleek, fast website without the hassle of using a database.

Over the past two months, Grav became the third CMS to be supported by the Gantry 5 framework. This meant that not only can theme makers create modern responsive themes with all the power and features of Gantry 5, but that RocketTheme can bring its industry-leading premium themes to the platform, as well.

And so we did. In December, we introduced the Grav Theme Club with 5 of our latest Gantry 5 themes to start. More themes are being ported over right now, and Grav will receive new releases alongside Joomla and WordPress moving forward.

So now RocketTheme customers will have the choice between not only Joomla and WordPress, but Grav as well. This makes RocketTheme a better choice for a wider range of websites.

New Themes

RocketTheme has also released nearly a dozen new themes, including the free Helium theme (demo), which serves as an excellent introduction to the Gantry 5 framework.

We made the bold decision to concentrate our efforts on creating more themes with features that dive deeper into the needs of the users. This renewed focus gave birth to themes like Sienna | | which is packed with features that assist with booking and listings perfect for hotels, travel agencies, and venues.

We were also able to create a theme that caters to musicians, artists, and podcasters in Remnant | | . With Remnant, you can create audio playlists, display videos, and even give your visitors an updated tour schedule.

Citadel | | offers users gorgeous video integration. It is a great fit for a wide range of websites from personal portfolios and corporations.

Versla | | makes setting up an ecommerce site extremely easy with its integrated support for Snipcart.

What’s Ahead in 2017?

Looking ahead to 2017, we have a lot of great ideas that we are eager to turn into a new generation of themes that makes easier than ever before to start a new website.

We plan to continue to make it easier to get more out of every RocketTheme theme. This means continually innovating new features and building upon the ones that our customers know and love.

We are taking a close look at every suggestion from our members. Be it suggesting theme concepts for a future release, updates to an existing theme, or changes to the Gantry framework our themes are built on.

With Gantry, the development team has addressed and/or implemented over 1,500 requests from users over its less than two-year history. This means that the Gantry 5 framework you see today is directly influenced by the needs of its users.

More than anything, we are focused on innovation. After all: Innovation is what RocketTheme is known for, and we are just getting started.

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