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RocketTheme Conference

We have been internally discussing the possibility of hosting a RocketTheme User/Developer Conference. The idea is that we would organize and host a 1 or 2 day conference in a that we could use to cover a variety of topics.

To start with we will probably focus on Joomla as it's the most popular CMS among our members.

Topics we are bouncing around include:

  • Customizing Existing Club Template - How to take an existing design and modify it completely for your clients
  • Design-to-Template - Workshop on how to take a custom design to finished Joomla template (multiple part full day workshop covering all aspects of the process)
  • Cross-Browser Testing and Gotchas - How to debug and fix browser bugs and issues
  • Gantry Framework Tutorial - The ins-and-outs of the Gantry Framework including how to implement and extend it
  • RocketTheme Extensions - How to use, modify, and implement a wide-variety of functionality with our array of extensions
  • MooTools Development - Core concepts, differences compared to other JS frameworks, developing cool mootools based scripts, how to upgrade scripts from version 1.11 to 1.3
  • Advanced Q&A - Ask the team anything!

If you have any ideas for a session that would be beneficial to a large portion of users, please reply to this thread with your concepts.

What we are interested in is how many people would be interested in attending a conference like this? We are not certain on any exact details (location, price, schedule) at this point, but if we get a decent amount of interest we may proceed with planning and development of this idea.

If this idea is successful and popular, we could have multiple of similar events in a variety of locations.

Please provide us your best 'honest' answer to if you would be likely to attend an event. Please answer without regard to location at this point. We're trying to gauge the validity of the 'idea' not specifically an event in a certain locale.

Voting is open to all past and current club members on our forum, so please vote now!