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RocketTheme Blog

New Pricing Model

For nearly four years here at RocketTheme, we’ve maintained the same prices for our memberships. As the platforms we support have grown more powerful and complex, web design trends have also become more involved and time consuming. Because of this, with the launch of our new RocketTheme site in the very near future, we will be adjusting our prices slightly to help offset the increased cost of development and support.

First of all, we will be bringing our prices for Joomla, WordPress, and phpBB in line with a more uniform pricing model.

For example, our current pricing for Joomla and WordPress is as follows:

  • 2 months - $50 ($25/month)
  • 6 months - $75 ($12.50/month)
  • 12 months - $90 ($7.50/month)

Our new tentative pricing will be (Effective December, 2013):

  • 3 months - $59 ($19.67/month)
  • 6 months - $79 ($13.17/month)
  • 12 months - $99 ($8.25/month)

We also plan on offering a new individual purchase option with the launch of RocketTheme v3.0 that will allow you to buy a single template or theme with lifetime access to downloads, updates, and forum. You will also receive free lifetime access to our catalog of premium extensions for the platform of your purchase. These individual purchase prices will likely range from $29 to $49, depending on the features of the design.

We’re also adding a lot of value to your purchase with our new RocketTheme site. In addition to an extensive library of easy to follow documentation, we’re going to be completely remodeling our community forums in order to make finding answers and sharing information easier for everyone. These are only a couple of areas in which the new site will make your experience better than ever. It is our hope to improve the entire customer experience from the moment someone first visits our site, throughout the life of the account.

As you can see, the new base membership price is actually a better deal per-month compared to current pricing, and the other prices are less than a dollar per month more. If these price adjustments do not work out, we will revisit the current pricing model, but our top priority remains providing our RocketTheme members with the best possible value.