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Callisto Featuring Gantry 5 for WordPress Released


RocketTheme has released Callisto, its first premium WordPress theme for Gantry 5. This theme incorporates a number of exclusive features to the next-generation framework with a modern, unique look that users have come to expect from quality RocketTheme themes.

Gantry 5 is a complete ground-up rewrite of the Gantry framework, utilizing a powerful set of modern tools that make website theming easier than ever. With version 5.1.0, Gantry 5 now includes support for the popular WordPress content management system (CMS).

Callisto was built to act as a showcase of Gantry 5's capability and ease-of-use. Powerful tools like the new Layout Manager, Menu Editor, and more make it easier than ever to hit the ground running with a unique website. No programming experience is necessary, but even advanced developers will find an abundance of features to love in the new framework.

Here are just a handful of the features introduced to RocketTheme themes with Callisto:

  • Powerful New Layout Manager
  • Versatile Integrated Menu Editor
  • Drag-and-drop Functionality Throughout the Gantry Administrator
  • Easy to Navigate and Configure Settings for Styles, Layout, Menu, Content, Assignments, and More
  • Integrated Offcanvas Section for a Seamless Mobile User Experience
  • Virtually Unlimited Widget Positions, Particles, etc.
  • Versatile New Particles System for Quick and Easy Content Additions
  • Content Animations
  • Font Awesome Icon Support Built-in
  • Simple to Use New Font, Icon, Color, and File Pickers

Try Gantry 5 for WordPress Today

Would you like to try Gantry 5 for WordPress out for yourself? The RocketTheme team has created the free Hydrogen theme which you can download and use today.

We have created an extensive library of documentation for Gantry 5, available to everyone on the official website. Additionally, if you find yourself in need of some help or would like some advice regarding Gantry, you can visit our team and user community on Gitter chat.

The RocketTheme team is committed to making Gantry 5 the best framework in the industry. It is free and open source, developed through GitHub, and supported by one of the most trusted brands in theming.

WordPress isn't the last stop for Gantry, either. Because it has been written from the ground-up to be cross-platform compatible, we are actively developing it to be easily integrated with a number of other content management systems in the near future. This will enable its users to have a common user experience, regardless of the platform they are using.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at Gantry 5, and experience the future of the Web, today.

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