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Site Licenses

We offer a variety of different site licensing options to meet the needs of our customers.


Site Licenses (previously known as Entitlements) refer to the number of instances (sites) that can use our templates/themes. We created this system in order to make it easier for the owner of a single site to afford our products without having to pay the same rate as someone creating and managing many different sites. This is the best way we have found to ensure that our pricing model is accessible for everyone.

By using site licenses instead of per-download rates, we are able to allow our Club members the option to download as many different templates or extensions as they would like, throughout their membership term. This makes it easier for someone to test different templates on a single site, run sandbox server environments for initial setup, and for use in other development scenarios.

Below, we have outlined how site licenses are used in conjunction with RocketTheme products. We have also provided several scenarios to explain, in more detail, how site licenses are counted.

What Happened to Entitlements?

Entitlements have been renamed to Site Licenses. This was done to avoid confusion and better clarify what they actually are. A site license works in very much the same way as an entitlement. We felt the change was necessary given our decision to allow for single-template purchases which carry an unlimited term of use and support, and only a single site license per purchase.

How Many Site Licenses Do I Get?

Site licenses vary from purchase to purchase. We have outlined our current site license options below.

Club Memberships

Platform Type Site Licenses
Joomla Single Template 1
Joomla Basic (3 months) 1
Joomla Standard (6 months) 2
Joomla Plus (12 months) 3
Joomla Developer (12 months) Unlimited
WordPress Single Theme 1
WordPress Basic (3 months) 1
WordPress Standard (6 months) 2
WordPress Plus (12 months) 3
WordPress Developer (12 months) Unlimited
Grav Single Theme 1
Grav Basic (3 months) 1
Grav Standard (6 months) 2
Grav Plus (12 months) 3
Grav Developer (12 months) Unlimited
Magento Single Theme 1
phpBB Single Style 1

Common Use Scenarios

Web Developer with a Non-Profit Client

John Doe uses RocketTheme templates on a handful of sites for himself, a few clients, and his family. A member of his family works with a non-profit organization, and came to him asking for a Joomla site. John Doe has been a member for two years, and has five active sites using RocketTheme templates. If he builds the non-profit site using a RocketTheme template, how will this affect his site licenses?

Site Non-Profit? Site Licenses Used Site Licenses Remaining
Site 1 No 1 5
Site 2 No 1 4
Site 3 No 1 3
Site 4 No 1 2
Site 5 No 1 1
Site 6 Yes 0 1

John Doe will still have one remaining site license after building the non-profit site.

Site with Multiple Subdomains

Example, Inc. has a site with subdomains. It only has one site license on its account.

As long as none of the subdomains link to sites with a different instance of a RocketTheme template, only one site license is used. Subdomains used to link to sites that sit apart from the initial instance do count against site licenses.

For example: www.example.com is Example, Inc.'s main site. It runs on the Acacia template for Joomla. If Example, Inc. is using help.example.com to link to its help article, which is located in the same Joomla install as the rest of the main site, then no additional site licenses are used.

Subdomain Same Instance? Site Licenses Used
Subdomain A Yes 0
Subdomain B No 1

If help.example.com links to a separate Joomla site run by Example, Inc., also using Acacia (or any other RocketTheme template), then two site licenses are used.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Non-Profits exempt from site licenses?

If the site you are setting up is for a Non-Profit organization, which is given its non-profit status from national law, then you do not require a site license for the install.

Example: If you have three site licenses, and you have set up three sites with our templates, you can still setup a fourth site, if it is for a non-profit organization, without the need to purchase more site licenses.

Family and personal sites are NOT non-profit sites.

Do development / test / local sites count against site licenses?

No. We only count live sites for site licenses, not development areas. A development area has to be closed or restricted for it to count, such as a password protected external server, or a localhost area. As long as the site is only being used for development or testing, site licenses do not apply.

Therefore, the site licenses become active once it goes live.

What if I move my website to a new domain?

Your site license is yours to use on a single live site. If the site's domain changes, but it's still a single website and not two separate websites, the license still counts as one. This also goes for websites with multiple domain names at a time.

Do site licenses count for Intranet sites?

Yes. Even if only on a local organization network. However, if the Intranet site is being used for development or test purposes, it does not count, as defined above.

Are site licenses on a per-template basis?

No, site licenses are applied as a whole, rather then on a per-template basis. Therefore, you cannot setup three sites with Alerion, three sites with Acacia, and three sites with Graffito, as that would be a total of nine site licenses.

If you have purchased a single template, rather than a Club membership, then you will be restricted to using the template you have purchased.

Can I use the same template twice?

Certainly. Site licenses work the same way if you are using one template multiple times, or several templates in individual instances. If, however, you have one site license (single-template purchases as an example), you can only use the template on a single site.

If you have purchased a single template, you will need to repurchase that template for each instance you wish to have it active.

In cases where you have removed a purchased template from one site and wish to use it on another, only one site license is used.

Can I switch templates?

Yes. Site licenses are not locked to a specific installation or template. You can change the template of your site as many times as you would like, and it still only counts as one site license.

Does my total site license count decrease every time I download or install?

No. site licenses only refer to live uses of the templates. Therefore, you can download every template or extension and still not use any site licenses.

Similarly, if you installed twenty templates on a single install, and ended with only one template in use, that is still only one site license.

How do I register my site licenses?

Your total available site licenses appear under Account → Subscriptions. However, there is no facility to register particular sites with site licenses. You will need to track your own site license usage.

Do subdomains count against my site licenses?

If the subdomain is a separate site, then it will count as an additional site license.

For example: If you had Meridian installed on www.rockettheme.com, and Vertigo on demo.rockettheme.com, that would be two site licenses.

Can I use site licenses after membership expiration?

Yes, if you have spare site licenses after your membership has expired, you can set up sites with templates you have downloaded.

However, remember that your access to RokDownloads is restricted after expiration, so you cannot download new files or updates.

Developer accounts do not keep site licenses after the subscription term has expired.

If my account expires and I renew later, do I still have both my old and new site licenses?

Yes, site licenses are cumulative. When you renew, and/or purchase additional site licenses, they will be added together.

Therefore, if you started out with three site licenses from a one-year Joomla Club membership, then renewed for another year, you would have six site licenses in total available to you.

When do my site licenses expire?

Site licenses are not restricted to the duration of your membership, except in cases involving Developer Club accounts. A site setup using a RocketTheme template can continue to use that template, even after expiration.

Your templates are GPL compatible. How can you restrict based on site licenses?

Site licenses specifically cover the non-PHP portions of our club templates as outlined in our RocketTheme Licenses.

How do I purchase more site licenses?

You can purchase site licenses from the Join a Club page. If you renew within 30 days of your account expiration, you can renew your membership and be granted extra site licenses - in addition to the extended term. You can also upgrade to a Developer account to gain unlimited entitlements. Also, you can purchase entitlement bundles, separate from upgrades or renewals.

If you have purchased a single template, rather than a Club membership, you can gain additional licenses by purchasing the template again. Each purchase gives you one site license to use.

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