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Chimera: Recreating the Demo - Slideshow 2

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Chimera Demo for Joomla

Slideshow 2

The RokSprocket Features module used here is a great way to feature some of your site's more notable articles or areas of interest.

We utilized the Simple Content Provider, allowing us to create custom content independent of full articles. The Title, Description, and Image fields in each article have been altered. A few examples of these article changes can be found below, excluding the Image fields which will likely not work on your local copy as the links will be different.

NOTE: If you are using the v1.1 RocketLauncher, there are some special instructions concerning the handling of the preset images for this module. If you notice your images aren't changing as expected, or if you would like more information on how this was set up, you can find it here.


Option Setting
Title FP RokSprocket Features - Slideshow 2
Show Title Hide
Access Public
Position fullwidth
Status Published
Content Provider Simple
Type Features

Filtered Article List

Article 1


<div class="wow bounceInDown">  <span>"Sleek Design and Easy Customization Made this the Perfect Theme for Me"</span></div>


<div class="rt-slideshow2-content wow zoomIn">
    <p>I struggled for a long time to find the right design and functionality
    for my portfolio site. Chimera was exactly what I was looking for to get my
    site up and running quickly and easily. I love it!</p>

<div class="rt-slideshow2-author wow bounceInUp" data-wow-delay="1s">
    <img alt="image" src=
    "images/rocketlauncher/home/fp-fullwidth/img-author-01.jpg"> <span>Martin

Article 2


"A Contemporary Style, Utilizing Modern Design Trends, as well as Being Functional"


<div class="rt-slideshow2-content">
    <p>I regularly change my site's design to ensure that it remains fresh, new
    and modern. Chimera offers a theme with all the standard features I've come
    to expect with a new design approach.</p>

<div class="rt-slideshow2-author">
    <img alt="image" src=
    "images/rocketlauncher/home/fp-fullwidth/img-author-02.jpg"> <span>Jerry

Article 3


"An Impressive Animated Experience for my Visitors, to Ensure the Uniqueness"


<div class="rt-slideshow2-content">
    <p>Chimera has a series of introductory animations on elements when you
    scroll through the page. They add character and life, whilst not detracting
    from the visitor's experience.</p>

<div class="rt-slideshow2-author">
    <img alt="image" src=
    "images/rocketlauncher/home/fp-fullwidth/img-author-03.jpg"> <span>Sam

Layout Options

Option Setting
Display Limit
Theme Slideshow Style 2
Article Titles Show
Article Text Show
Preview Length
Strip HTML Tags No
Arrow Navigation Show
Pagination Hide
Animation Crossfade
Autoplay Disable
Autoplay Delay 5
Image Resize Disable
Default Title Default Article Title
Default Article Text Default Article Text
Default Article Image Default Article Image
Default Link Default Article Link


Option Setting
Module Class Suffix fp-roksprocket-slideshow

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