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Nuance: Recreating the Demo - FP RokSprocket Features Scroller - Showcase

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Nuance Demo for Joomla

FP RokSprocket Features Scroller - Showcase

The RokSprocket Showcase module used near the top of the front page is a great way to feature some of your site's more notable articles or areas of interest.

We utilized the Simple Content Provider, allowing us to create custom content independent of full articles. The Title, Description, Link, and Image fields in each article have been altered. A few examples of these article changes can be found below, excluding the Image and Link fields which will likely not work on your local copy as the links will be different.


Option Setting
Title FP RokSprocket Features Scroller - Showcase
Show Title Hide
Access Public
Position showcase-a
Status Published
Content Provider Simple
Type Features

Filtered Article List

Article 1


<span class="sprocket-scrollbar-title1"><i class="fa fa-map-marker fa-fw"></i> Colorful<span class="hidden-tablet"> Infusion</span></span><span class="sprocket-scrollbar-title2">Transparent<span class="hidden-tablet"> Areas</span></span>


<span class="sprocket-scroller-content">The <a href="#">transparent</a> nature of the Nuance design allows the background colors to bleed through to the forefront, to <a href="#">complement and embellish</a> your content.</span>

Article 2


<span class="sprocket-scrollbar-title1"><i class="fa fa-map-marker fa-fw"></i> Gantry<span class="hidden-tablet"> Framework</span></span><span class="sprocket-scrollbar-title2"><span class="hidden-tablet">Several </span>Platforms</span>


<span class="sprocket-scroller-content">A <a href="#">free, GPL</a> and powerful core framework that powers the template with its set of <a href="#">standardized features</a>, functions and <a href="#">control interface</a>.</span>

Article 3


<span class="sprocket-scrollbar-title1"><i class="fa fa-map-marker fa-fw"></i> Responsive<span class="hidden-tablet"> Design</span></span><span class="sprocket-scrollbar-title2">Automatic <span class="hidden-tablet">Adjustment</span></span>


<span class="sprocket-scroller-content">A layout that adjusts <a href="#">automatically</a> to the viewing device's width to ensure <a href="#">uniformity</a> across all devices visiting your site, including <a href="#">mobile</a>.</span>

Layout Options

Option Setting
Display Limit
Theme Scroller
Article Titles Show
Article Text Show
Preview Length
Strip HTML Tags No
Arrow Navigation Show on Hover
Pagination Show
Animation Crossfade
Autoplay Disable
Autoplay Delay 5
Image Resize Disable
Default Title Default Article Title
Default Article Text Default Article Text
Default Article Image Default Article Image
Default Link Default Article Link

The Scroller theme is unique to Nuance and was created to give the RokSprocket mode a certain set of attributes that enables it to look the way it does in this template. You can find more information about overriding themes here.


Option Setting
Module Class Suffix fp-roksprocket-features-scroller

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