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Requiem: Recreating the Demo - Header Section

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Requiem Demo for WordPress


The Header section includes one Promo Content particle.

The background image found in our demo is set in the Style administrative panel. Just navigate to Gantry 5 Admin > Styles and scroll down to the Header section.

Here is a breakdown of the widget(s) and particle(s) that appear in this section:

Section Settings

Option Setting
Layout Inherit
CSS Classes Blank
Tag Attributes Blank

Promo Content (Particle)

Particle Settings

Demo Navigation

Option Setting
CSS Classes Blank
Title Blank
Promo Style Promo
Promo Text Requiem
Description 1 Exquisitely designed theme for Gantry 5 framework.
Description 2 A rich, highly flexible and visually diverse theme.
Description Animation Type Writer
Animation Element ID typewriter-1
Readmore Text Learn More
Readmore Link #
Button Text button-3
Button Link #
Button Style Block
Tags Blank

Block Settings

Demo Navigation

Option Setting
CSS ID Blank
CSS Classes Blank
Variations Blank
Tag Attributes Blank
Fixed Size Unchecked
Block Size 100%

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