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Requiem: Promo Content Particle

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Requiem Demo for WordPress


The Promo Content particle is a great way

Here are the topics covered in this guide:


Main Options

These options affect the main area of the particle, and not the individual items within. For example, if you want to display content that includes a title, headline, image, and link you can do so here, but if you want to display numerous individual items, each with their own text, images, and/or links, you can do so using the Promo Items collection feature.

Option Description
CSS Classes Enter the CSS class(es) you want to use in the content of the particle.
Title Enter the title of the particle, as it will appear on the front end.
Icon Set the icon that appears next to the title.
Promo Style Select a promo style between: Standard, Promo, Super Promo, and SubPromo.
Promo Text Enter text to appear.
Description 1 Enter a description.
Description 2 Enter a secondary description.
Description Animation Select an animation setting. Choose between: Type Writer and No Animation
Animation Element ID If you choose Type Writer animation, please put unique Element ID to differ it with another same particle. For example: typewriter-1, typewriter-2, etc.
Readmore Text Enter the text you wish to have appear as the description for the particle. This text appears below the title and headline.
Readmore Link Customize the link you want the link readmore to go to.
Button Text Enter a text label for the alt button.
Button Classes Enter any class(es) you want to have apply to the button.
Button Link Enter a link the alt button will go to.
Button Style Choose between Block, Inline, and Aside as a button style.

Tag Options

These items make up the individual tags applied to the particle.

Option Description
Icon Select the icon you would like to have appear with the title area in the promo item.
Text Enter the text for the promo item.
Link Enter the url you want that link to go to.

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