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Requiem: Recreating the Demo - Utility Section

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Requiem Demo for WordPress


The Utility section includes a single Animated Block particle.

Here is a breakdown of the widget(s) and particle(s) that appear in this section:

Section Settings

Option Setting
Layout Inherit
CSS Classes Blank
Tag Attributes Blank

Animated Block (Particle)

Particle Settings

Demo Utility

Option Setting
CSS Classes Blank
Title Blank
Grid Column 3 Columns
Button View More Features
Blocks Item 1 Name Animated
Blocks Item 1 Image Custom
Blocks Item 1 Headline Anim<br />ated
Blocks Item 1 Tag Effects
Blocks Item 1 Description Rich CSS animations to enhance appeal<span class="hidden-tablet"> without detracting from content</span>
Blocks Item 1 Read More Read More
Blocks Item 1 Link #

Block Settings

Demo Utility

Option Setting
CSS ID Blank
CSS Classes Blank
Variations Blank
Tag Attributes Blank
Fixed Size Unchecked
Block Size 100%

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