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RocketTheme Blog

RocketTheme T-Shirts

Way back in November we announced a competition on the RocketTheme forums that challenged our members to submit designs for a new RocketTheme t-shirt. We wanted it to be funky, fun and geeky that really symbolized the great community of RocketTheme users. The response was fantastic. We had many replies in our forum and also via email from people that were not even members yet! Picking out a favorite design proved very difficult and so, rather than picking just one, we picked several!

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RocketTheme Ending Support for IE7 Beginning August 1, 2012

alt IE7

Over the past several months, companies and developers around the world such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Drupal and a host of others have been making a concerted effort to end support for Internet Explorer 7 as its marketshare continues to decline each month. As of this month, IE7 usage has dropped to between 2% and 4% worldwide.

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April Promotions

Special PromosI want to keep this short and simple, we have something very special in-store for you this week :) As a sign of appreciation for all your support throughout these years we're running a special promotion till midnight on the 24th of April, 2012. You will receive access to over $600 worth of unique, premium bonuses from our partners for new sign-ups, renewals, and current members.

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RokSprocket & March Joomla Template Release

For those that follow us on Twitter, or Facebook, may have seen references to a new extension we have been working on for some time. RokSprocket is a revolutionary new Joomla 2.5 only extension that has been designed to replace a variety of our existing ‘content’ modules. These include RokStories, RokTabs, RokNewsPager, RokNewsflash, RokMicronews, and basically any module in the RT arsenal that manipulates and displays articles.

What makes this such a powerful extension is that it has been built to be highly plug-able with the ability to support almost any data source. At launch we plan to include Joomla, K2, ZOO and Seblod CCKs, with more platforms being added in future releases. Alongside the plug-able platform capability, the layouts such as Tabs, Features, Headlines, and Lists, and specific themes for these layouts can easily be added via site templates.

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Drupal Club Heads into the Sunset

We have been running our Drupal themes club for nearly two years now and have worked diligently to bring our club and community formula to Drupal. During that time we have striven to take the RocketTheme philosophy of great designs, oodles of features, and a great community, all at reasonable price and make that available to this fantastic platform. However, we have to be cognizant of the ever-changing market and also our own business strategy, and so it is with a sad heart that we have decided to “sunset” this club from RocketTheme. Drupal is a powerful and complex CMS that requires a lot of manpower to develop for and support it. We had hoped that over time that the Drupal club would grow and become self-sustainable but we have not seen that happen and we can not keep it running indefinitely.

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Support for Joomla 1.5, 2.5 and the Future!

We have been receiving lots of emails, facebook comments, and questions on the forum related to our plans for Joomla 1.5, and the upcoming release of Joomla 2.5. I thought I would take this opportunity to reiterate the planned Joomla releases cycle and our stance on supporting them.

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RokGallery 2.0 has arrived

Since the launch of RokGallery we had an incredible amount of features requests. Although we couldn't satisfy all of them, we are very happy to announce RokGallery 2.0 which includes many new features as well as bug fixes.

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Slight delay on Joomla July Template + RokGallery Release

Although the plan was to release on July 5th, we are going to push back the release of our July Joomla Template and our new extension, RokGallery, to Thursday July 7th. This delay is because there are just too many features and functionality we feel must be in the initial release.

We want to get at least IE9 support for the administrator, some minimum requirements checking, translation strings sorted, some polish on the jobs manager, and an assortment of critical bugs. We have updated all Joomla and Joomla Developer memberships and extended them again so anyone that was expiring near the 1st has been given another full week of membership. We apologize for the delay but we just don't want to ship a ground breaking extension such as RokGallery that is not up to our high standards of execution. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you have not heard of RokGallery yet, you can read more about it in our "Intro to RokGallery" blog post.

RokGallery, a New Spin on Managing Images

For the past few months we’ve been hard at work on a radical new gallery extension that will be debuted next month for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6. RokGallery is a ground-up revolutionary extension that will over time grow to be hugely flexible and customizable.

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RocketTheme Conference

We have been internally discussing the possibility of hosting a RocketTheme User/Developer Conference. The idea is that we would organize and host a 1 or 2 day conference in a that we could use to cover a variety of topics.

To start with we will probably focus on Joomla as it's the most popular CMS among our members.

Topics we are bouncing around include:

  • Customizing Existing Club Template - How to take an existing design and modify it completely for your clients
  • Design-to-Template - Workshop on how to take a custom design to finished Joomla template (multiple part full day workshop covering all aspects of the process)
  • Cross-Browser Testing and Gotchas - How to debug and fix browser bugs and issues
  • Gantry Framework Tutorial - The ins-and-outs of the Gantry Framework including how to implement and extend it
  • RocketTheme Extensions - How to use, modify, and implement a wide-variety of functionality with our array of extensions
  • MooTools Development - Core concepts, differences compared to other JS frameworks, developing cool mootools based scripts, how to upgrade scripts from version 1.11 to 1.3
  • Advanced Q&A - Ask the team anything!

If you have any ideas for a session that would be beneficial to a large portion of users, please reply to this thread with your concepts.

What we are interested in is how many people would be interested in attending a conference like this? We are not certain on any exact details (location, price, schedule) at this point, but if we get a decent amount of interest we may proceed with planning and development of this idea.

If this idea is successful and popular, we could have multiple of similar events in a variety of locations.

Please provide us your best 'honest' answer to if you would be likely to attend an event. Please answer without regard to location at this point. We're trying to gauge the validity of the 'idea' not specifically an event in a certain locale.

Voting is open to all past and current club members on our forum, so please vote now!