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Useful Apps for Business Collaboration


One of the fastest growing trends in the business world right now is working remotely. This trend has been growing over the past ten years, accelerated by rising fuel costs and the proliferation of the Internet. Indeed, technology is becoming increasing pervasive, and it's because of that so many companies (including RocketTheme) have opted to go with a business approach that doesn't evolve a traditional office.

Our staff is spread across the world, and while we do try to get together at least once a year to share notes and build a stronger team, the vast majority of our work is done remotely. This work is done on schedules that are as diverse as our staff's locations. Despite all this separation, we still manage to get a lot done. This is largely thanks to a number of business collaboration apps that we use throughout the day.

In this article, we'll take a look at three popular solutions small businesses like ours are using to share information and collaborate on ideas. While a complete list of the solutions we use that have collaborative features about them would take quite a while, this particular article will focus on standard business documents. These include: Word documents, spreadsheets, and calendar events.

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How to Find Quality Images for Your Site


A website without images can be pretty bland, but where do you find images that you can use legally? Stories about sites caught in costly litigation over copyright violations can be found all over the news, and avoiding this type of situation is paramount to maintaining a good, reputable site.

So, where do you find these images? How can you make sure that you're using photos that aren't being claimed by someone that doesn't want their image readily shared with the world?

In this article, we'll go over some considerations, as well as some of our favorite image sources.

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Five Tips to Improve Website User Experience

alt Desk

Your website is more than just a place to promote your brand and/or products. It’s arguably the single largest point of contact your customers may have with your business, outside of a brick and mortar storefront. It’s where you make your initial pitch to new visitors, share information with your community, and drive traffic to places you’d like your visitors to go.

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New Pricing Model

For nearly four years here at RocketTheme, we’ve maintained the same prices for our memberships. As the platforms we support have grown more powerful and complex, web design trends have also become more involved and time consuming. Because of this, with the launch of our new RocketTheme site in the very near future, we will be adjusting our prices slightly to help offset the increased cost of development and support.

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RokBooster Update Adds Timesaving New Features

alt RokBooster

Many of our customers may have noticed a new update (1.1.9) has been made available for RokBooster this week. This is a fairly significant update as it adds several new features intended to make its use and application easier for site administration while adding flexibility.

In this article, we’ll examine three major feature additions that have been added to RokBooster for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x users.

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Meet the Team - James Spencer

alt James

James Spencer has been a valued member of the RocketTheme team since 2007 and has been involved in Joomla product development, documentation, and support throughout that time. He holds two degrees in Law, and currently resides in the UK.

In this article, we’ll ask James a series of questions in order to get to know him a bit more.

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What's Going on With Documentation?

alt Documentation

Documentation is a key component to virtually any Web technology. At this point, we’ve largely relied on our forums to provide answers, as well as a place to ask questions that arise from our community upon using our products.

In addition, we’ve provided detailed information about our demo sites in order to make it easier to recreate various elements on your own site. We’ve also released copies of our demo site in the form of RocketLaunchers in order to provide a real-world reference that makes it easier to hit the ground running with a feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing starting point for our templates.

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Image Optimization Solutions

One of the best ways to improve the performance of a sluggish websites comes in the form of image optimization. As sites become increasingly visual, it’s easy to get carried away and add significant amounts of data to each page load. This can quickly bog down your server, increase load times for visitors, and do a number on your bandwidth bill.

alt JPEGmini

One simple and easy solution to this problem is to run your site’s images through an image optimizer. By reducing the file size without significantly impacting an image’s visual appeal, you can achieve faster page load times and lower per-visitor bandwidth usage which will make you and your visitors very happy.

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How to Easily Simplify a RocketTheme Template

We've received a lot of feedback from our community recently asking how various templates can be best modified to meet the needs of a variety of sites. From corporate enterprises to personal portfolios, our community is as diverse as it gets.

That's why we've designed all of our Gantry-powered templates and themes to be easily modified without any programming or website design experience required. In fact, there is very little you can't do with one of our templates after just a few minutes of working with the settings made available in the back end of Joomla or WordPress.

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RocketTheme Mid-Year 2013 Status Update

alt Mid-Year 2013 Status

Back in January we reflected in our blog on 2012 and looked forward to what you could expect to see from RocketTheme in 2013. Now that six months have passed I thought it would be great to see what we've achieved and what we have coming in the second half of the year.

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