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Top Five Password Managers

How many passwords do you use on a given day? If you work in any IT profession, there is a good chance you have dozens to remember and use. How do you keep track of this mountain of login credentials?

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Group Chat Solutions for Teams

We use group chat extensively at RocketTheme. It has our central hub of communication, a quick and easy method of transferring files or sharing links, and a platform by which important information can be relayed to the team.

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Markdown Editing Apps and Utilities

Markdown Editing

Markdown is an excellent solution for content creators that want to quickly punch out content without having to worry about advanced formatting syntax. It is a simple text format that is easily converted into rich text and HTML, while also being easily read as-is.

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Productivity Tips for Developers


Maintaining a high level of productivity as a developer, especially as a remote developer working from home, can be exceedingly difficult. Not every line of code you write will come easy, and you will likely find yourself scratching your head as you search for a solution to an issue. Distractions can be particularly problematic during these times.

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Free Mega Vector Pack: Human Pictograms


RocketTheme has teamed up with Freepik to bring you an incredibly cool set of free vector images featuring human pictograms you can use on your future projects. This set is absolutely free, and can be used commercially.

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How RocketTheme Uses MAMP 3.0


Being able to run a local development and testing environment is critical in RocketTheme's day-to-day operations. Our team is spread out across the world, and each member has their own development environment that enables them to create and test their creations as they go, without having to commit every minor change to a central server.

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Introducing RocketTheme's New Website


RocketTheme's main site has been updated to include a new, streamlined user interface that makes it even easier to take advantage of all it has to offer.

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Introducing the New RocketTheme Forum, Built on Kunena


Our forums are an essential part of our site. It allows us to provide detailed support for our members, and gives our community a place to share information. It is an excellent avenue for site developers and casual users alike.

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Sneak Peek of the New RocketTheme Site


RocketTheme is in the midst of doing a complete overhaul on its entire website. This means new tools, easier access to existing features, and more.

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Increase Traffic through Social Media


Ten years ago, if you wanted to reach out to your customers and spread the word about a new product or service, you had to do so through paid advertising, email newsletters, or updating your website and hoping that eventually enough of your customers would check and see the news.

Information management and distribution has changed dramatically with the advent of social networking.

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