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Sirocco: Recreating the Demo - MainBody

Your Guide to Recreating Elements of the Sirocco Demo for Joomla


This area of the front page is the MainBody. Articles appear within the Mainbody area of the front page.

Turning on Mainbody Content

This content appears on the front page because the Mainbody Enabled option has been turned on in the template settings. You can find these settings by navigating to Administrator -> Extensions -> Templates Manager -> Sirocco -> Advanced.

Once this is done, you can navigate to the Menu Manager by going to Administrator -> Menus -> Menu Manager. From here, you'll want to find the menu item for your home page and select it so you can access its settings. For our demo, it is located in Main Menu -> Home.

In order to show three featured articles on the front page, we placed a 3 in the Intro Articles setting within the Layout Options menu. The Article Order has been set to Featured Articles Order.

Article Properties

The Increase site performance and page load speed by activating RokBooster article is a standard article with the Featured option turned on so it appears in the front page mainbody.

Here is the Article Text we used:

<p class="rt-lead">An advanced performance plugin.</p>

<p>Compress and collate your CSS and JavaScript files; alongside data URL conversion for Fonts as well as inline or background images, which converts files to inline data.</p>

<a href="/?amp;view=article&amp;id=1&amp;Itemid=111" class="readon">Read More</a>

Once this article is created and set to Featured, it should appear on the front page.

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