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Your Guide to Using RokSprocket for Joomla


RokSprocket is a revolutionary extension for Joomla 3.x designed to give you an incredible level of control over how you present your content. Sophisticated content filters, robust layout modes and options, integration with multiple content providers, and a streamlined no-nonsense interface all contribute to a powerful yet user friendly experience from start to finish.


RokSprocket has the following requirements in order to operate:

  • Joomla 3.x - ensure you are using the latest version
  • Compatible Browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE8+, Opera.

NOTE: Internet Explorer 11+ and Edge are supported, but versions 8, 9, and 10 are no longer supported by Microsoft and while they may work, are not recommended. NOTE: Advanced Module Manager by Regular Labs is not completely compatible with RokSprocket 2.1.12 and may produce errors. The solution at this time is to uninstall Advance Module Manager.

Key Features

  • Multiple layout options: Features, Tabs, Lists, Mosaic, Headlines & Strips
  • 8 supported content providers: Joomla, K2, Seblod, EasyBlog, Content Builder, Simple, FieldsAttach, & Zoo
  • Advanced cumulative filters: specific and dynamic filters
  • Advanced sorting rules: automatic, manual, mixed or random
  • Individual article display and configuration
  • Inline article previews
  • Inline article details and editing
  • RokGallery/MediaManager support
  • Dynamic settings / configurations
  • Module shortcodes

How to install

Installing RokSprocket takes just a matter of few minutes.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the latest version of RokSprocket. The package you will download contains everything to get RokSprocket up and running and it is compatible with Joomla 3.x. It does not need to be uncompressed.

Once you have downloaded the package, go into the Joomla Administrator and:

From Joomla 3.x:

  • Select from the top menu: Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install
  • Click on Upload Package File Choose File button
  • Select the roksprocket.zip that you just downloaded from your local drive.
  • Click the Upload & Install button.

NOTE: For additional information on installing extensions, visit our detailed extensions installation guide located here.

If everything worked properly, you will get a notification indicating as much. You can create and configure the module by navigating to: Extensions -> Module Manager -> New -> RokSprocket.

NOTE: RocketTheme packages do not require you to uninstall them prior to updating or adding new associated extensions. You can simply install and the package will determine if it requires to update your currently installed RocketTheme extension.

NOTE: RokCommon is no longer included with RokSprocket's package. You will need to download it individually in order to have it available to support RokSprocket.

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